Diabetes Is His Superpower

Diabetes has never been depicted in fiction like in “Good Like This.”

A passionate captivating story of a successful and ambitious New York City family and the lies that are about to destroy them. Can diabetes and an addiction destroy their lives?

Paul and Candice live life in the fast lane. They make the cover of magazines, they are the example of the successful family, they are the American dream. But behind closed doors their demons are ready to crush them. When Paul discovers Candice’s addiction he’s forced to face his denial for his poorly managed diabetes. Are his disease and her addiction really so different?

Even though the story follows the everyday life of a person with (T1) diabetes and the impact on his family, the overall theme and its takeaway is universal. Money, fortune, disease, addiction… In life it’s not what we have that counts, but what we do with it.

For the first time in fiction a protagonist with diabetes goes from victim to hero, not in spite of it… but because of it.

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Press Release - Diabetes in fiction.

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